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Though I'm hardly up on the latest literature, there was a paper in Nature about 8-9 years ago describing the nature of radio-resistance of glioblastoma. MD Anderson & Duke University identified a lipoprotein released on exposure to targeted radiation. The lipoprotein turned-on a DNA checkpoint response repairing damaged DNA. A vaccine was developed to block the lipoprotein, making the tumor more sensitive to radiation.  

So, in the case of cancer, research into repair mechanisms are essential to develop therapies blocking repair and allowing apoptosis. 

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> On Oct 19, 2015, at 17:44, Joseph Preisig <jrpnj01 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Dear Radsafe,
>     The 2015 Nobel Prize in Chemistry involves cellular repair of damaged
> DNA.  This could be a big game-changer for things going on in Health
> Physics.  I expect books like Eric Hall's text on Radiation
> Biology/Biophysics will have to add a chapter about all this.
>     Up until now, we've been interested in Single Strand (DNA) breaks,
> Double Strand Breaks, knock-on collisions, various physics scattering and
> reaction processes etc.  Now, in addition to the body producing DNA in our
> reproductive factories, these chemists are suggesting that cellular DNA
> repair is occurring.  This appears to be in addition to the processes of
> hormesis.
>     So, perhaps our understanding of mutation and cancer production will
> have to be modified to account for cellular repair of damaged/broken DNA.
> The body/cells are actively trying to repair damaged DNA.  No wonder every
> sperm (or egg) is sacred.....the body is making an effort to keep DNA
> somewhat perfect.
>     One might wonder how the process of evolution will be affected by DNA
> repair.  Is intelligent design a more realistic process in view of DNA
> repair.  Or can both processes occur?
>     I suspect some/much junk DNA gives rate, offset, acceleration,
> feedback, control information for various bodily tissues and organs.  Human
> DNA is mapped, but it isn't necessarily fully understood.  Have a good week.
>      Joe Preisig
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