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Dimiter Popoff didi at tgi-sci.com
Tue Oct 20 19:02:25 CDT 2015

Hi Mike,

I wonder how this pseudo debate has been used so successfully for so long.
Proving that evolution exists does not prove intelligent design does not,
evolution could simply be desinged into whatever has been designed.
Proving that life is the result of an intelligent design is simply
impossible given the data we have to date; then if we are someones
design, who designbed the designer. It is just a classic "han or egg" debate.
The only answer we can manage so far on the beginning of all beginnings
is "we don't know". The answer will not come as a result of head scratching or
some other form of deep thought - future research may get us closer.
As it is now any person or institution claiming to have an answer is
simply trying to cheat for some purpose - we know enough to know we don't know.

Obviously I do not dwell a lot on all this (as my post might suggest), I have
some real design work to do :D. Not as intelligent perhaps but well, it is the
best I am capable of I suppose.


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> Hi, Joe.
> A couple of points:  
>>(2) I don't see resorting to Intelligent
>Design as either indicated or useful.  I played in the Theory of Evolution vs Intelligent
>Design for years, and believe the evidence that ID is just "Creationism dressed 
>in a lab coat".  It is political, not scientific, with the goal of getting Creationism
>(by another name) ....
> ......

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