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>From the article:

"The top image shows how such technology might be used to discover human trafficking."

>From that wording, the image is likely a Photoshop job, and if the image is nonsensical, then the artist is unfamiliar with the actual scans produced.


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Are you saying that there is not a decrease in the backscatter signal in those dark areas? If so why would the imaging software draw such apparently accurate lung-like regions within the chest cavities?

Jason Meade wrote:

The darker appearance of the lungs in the Z-Backscatter pictures is due to the image reconstruction software.

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> https://bgr.com/2015/10/16/nypd-x-ray-spy-vans/


> Does anyone know how I might get ahold of technical information on the

> Z-Backscatter technology as used for example by the AE&S vans

> mentioned in the above article? I am especially curious as to how the

> image of the contents of a vehicle is not obscured by backscatter off

> of the sides of the van and of the vehicle being scanned. Both the

> beam and scattered x-rays must pass through both vehicles on the way

> out and back. Also I'm curious about the density information presented

> in the images of people within a trailer. They appear to show the

> individuals lungs as dark regions within the thoracic cavities. I

> would not expect this from a backscatter image.


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