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Radioactivity in coal and its residuals has been studied over the decades and results published in the open literature. It is well-known.

I don't have citations here with me at the moment but will try and get some assembled tonight.

To answer your question John, yes it can be classified as TENORM (that is just my opinion, am not making a policy statement representing the EPA). It is not source, special nuclear or byproduct material, and it has been concentrated by human practices and is available for exposure or transport in the environment... 

See ANSI N13.53 (2009), the National Academies 1999 Report on TENORM, or CRCPD Suggested State Regulations Part N for a few of definitions of TENORM.


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Duke University has rediscovered that coal fly ash has radioactivity. Is 
the next step to call it TENORM?   Being a nuke (disclosure) this is not 
necessarily a cause for alarm.  However, it could become the next radioactivity scare.  - Thoughts, opinions, ?????

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