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Joseph Preisig jrpnj01 at gmail.com
Wed Sep 2 21:03:57 CDT 2015


      Perhaps one of you younger Radsafe folks may eventually design a
spaceship (powered by reactors???) which can do time travel.  You will
need a spaceship if you intend to do this, because as you travel in
time, the Earth, planets and stars will move around in Space.  As you
move in time, the Earth will move to a new location.
Your spaceship will need guidance and navigation systems that account
for planetary orbits,  movement of stars due to the big bang, and
other motions.  The VLBI group at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center may
have some computer programs (CALC, SOLVE) which may be helpful in
designing guidance and navigation systems.
       Useful books might include Special Relativity by AP French and
Gravitation by Misner, Thorn and Wheeler (general relativity).
       Funny, Hawking (on facebook the other day) asked a question
which was something like --- what was God doing before the Big
Bang.???  Pretty cool, huh???
Well, one big bang is not a very general model.  One could envision a
series of multiple Big Bangs (in series, or some other time
distribution).  This is a more general model than ONE Big Bang.
Perhaps God does roll dice.  Perhaps he/she can do anything he/she
      God snaps his fingers or whatever, and a Big Bang happens.  The
stars and planets move outward from the starting point (and starting
time) of the Big Bang.  Perhaps much later on, the outward movement
slows and stops and perhaps gravitational collapse starts to occur.
And maybe the process will be repeated
        I leave it to Brennan, Karam, others to back project our
current Big Bang to the original starting location and time???

       Joe Preisig

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