[ RadSafe ] Panasonic UD-814 Technical Specification Sheet (hope the link is better this time)

Sander Perle sandyfl at cox.net
Thu Apr 7 13:54:46 CDT 2016

Thanks Stacey,

Yes, this is a more accurate full statement. Unless there is an error for
one or more of the elements ³correction factor² there is typically not an
issue. The Panasonic 814AS is an excellent environmental dosimeter, as is
the Thermo environmental dosimeter.


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(hope the link is better this time)

> Thanks Sandy for the clarification.  I appreciate the response since my
> experience with TLD data processing and assessment is minimal.
> Here is the actual text in the document I was reviewing: "A single TLD is
> considered three data points (samples) because it contains three separate
> elements that measure dose independently. The variability of the readings is
> evaluated to determine if three data points are sufficient."
> To summarize due to close proximity of the elements on the card and the lack
> of variability in the environmental radiation field there should not be much
> variability between the elements.  If there is variability this may indicate
> an issue with the element correction.
> Thanks Again,
> Stacey
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