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This link is within the Nuclear News/ENENews post below -
http://apjif.org/2016/06/Hirano.html - the supposed expert is Hirokai Koide
with translation by Prof Robert Stolz - this is a pretty broad claim that
probably is substantially exagerated.  I would not expect Green Cross to be
putting out such claims since it is supposed to be respected international
organization.  Also claim by Korean that he sees that 70% of Japan has been
contaminated by radiation due to Fukushima.   If these claims are not
factual, which I suspect that they are not, there should be facts available
to repudiate them.

They also reference this YouTube video - Prime Minister Kan's special -

Roger Helbig

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Fukushima – the irradiation of a nation

by Christina MacPherson

Top Official: Over 60 million Japanese irradiated by Fukushima — Nuclear
Expert: 50,000 sq. miles of Japan highly contaminated… Many millions need
to be evacuated… Gov’t has decided to sacrifice them, it’s a serious crime
— TV: More than 70% of country contaminated by radiation (VIDEOS)

Interview with nuclear engineer Hiroaki Koide (translation by Prof. Robert
Stolz, transcription by Akiko Anson), published Mar 8, 2016 (emphasis
added): [Radioactive] material has been dispersed, contaminating Tohoku,
Kanto [Tokyo area], and western Japan… [The law says] that absolutely
nothing may be removed from a radioactive management area in which the
levels exceed 40,000 Becquerels per square meter… [H]ow much area has been
contaminated beyond 40,000 Bq/m2… that answer is 140,000 km^2 [54,054
square miles]… Indeed, while centered on Fukushima, parts of Chiba and
Tokyo have also been contaminated. The number of people living in what must
be called a radiation-controlled area is in the millions, and could exceed
ten million… I believe the government has the responsibility to evacuate
these entire communities… the government decided to leave them exposed to
the real danger of radiation. In my view, Fukushima should be declared
inhabitable… but if that were to be done, it would likely bankrupt the
country… They’ve decided to sacrifice people… In my view, this is a serious
crime committed by Japan’s ruling elite… [F]undamentally, people must not
be forced to live in contaminated areas… First must come complete
evacuation… [W]hen it comes to radiation… “removal of contaminants” is
impossible… This stuff contaminates everything.

Naoto Kan, former Prime Minister of Japan, Apr 11, 2016 (at 2:15 in): The
molten material broke through the pressure vessel and accumulated low down
in the containment. Now what would have happened if this molten material
had escaped from the containment?… A radius of 250 kilometers — which
includes the city of Tokyo — anyone living in this area, if you count them
up it comes to 50 million or 40% of the Japanese population, and they would
all have had to be evacuated. As we know from Chernobyl, not just a couple
of weeks, but 30 years or 40 years — it would have virtually meant the end
of Japan. [Note: Many nuclear experts believe the molten fuel did in fact
escape from the containment] Half the population was subject to radiation
[Japan Population: 127 million]. That’s something that could just be
imagined, for instance the event of losing a major war.

Arirang (Gov’t-funded Korean TV network), ‘Fukushima and Its Aftermath’,
Mar 16, 2016 (at 6:45 in) —Prof. Kim Ik-Jung, Medical College at Dongguk
Univ.: “When you look at the contamination map, about 70% of Japan is
contaminated by radiation. That means that 70% of Japan’s agricultural and
marine products are contaminated.”… According to PNAS, one of the five
major scientific journals, over 70% of the land in Japan is contaminated by

Watch: Prime Minister Kan | Arirang’s Fukushima Special

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