[ RadSafe ] Recommendations for data-logging ion chamber

Carl Willis carl.willis at gmail.com
Fri Apr 22 19:07:31 CDT 2016

Hello RADSAFErs,

I am looking for opinions on ion chamber instruments with the following
criteria being especially relevant to my application:

-Capable of logging data continuously, i.e. generating a doserate versus
time record

-Easy to clean, i.e. surface and operating controls easily decontaminated
using soap/water

-Chamber sealed, but not pressurized to HAZMAT levels

-Capable of performing well in cool, high-humidity environments (mostly
relates to how well the signal and chamber bias insulators are protected
from ambient air)

-Wide response range.  Ideally, I would like an instrument that can measure
from single mR/hr to approximately 500 R/hr.  I think that's a tall order,
but I'll throw it out in case there is an option someone knows about.

-Backlit display that can be read in very poor light conditions

In particular, the Ludlum 9DP-1 ticks most of these boxes, I think.  Is
anyone familiar with its data logging functions? Can it be set to
automatically log as I have described, or must the user signal it to log a
point every time? Major downside of that instrument seems to be its battery
(heavy, and consumed at an atrocious rate even with the backlight off).
Does anyone know how it behaves in fields that exceed 50 R/hr?

Thanks for any assistance.

Best regards,
Carl Willis

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