[ RadSafe ] US to buy 'excess' heavy water from Iran

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It certainly appears that in the eyes of certain legislative branch Republicans that the current U.S. Executive administration, President Obama, can't do anything correctly.  Fortunately, the disparaging remarks haven't prevented the administration from continuing to try to affect change in the world. It remains to be seen how the Paris climate change agreement will affect the world, especially given that the majority of Republican Legislative branch members are climate change deniers.  Despite the legislative stalemate, progress of a sort is being made on the carbon footprint front.  There have been several large coal companies that have recently gone bankrupt.  It appears based on a review of their bankruptcy filings that these companies have been helping to finance the Climate Denier pseudoscience industry.  I can't help but wonder whether or not these same corporations also financed the nuclear industry protestors.  Given the lack of some sort of unforeseen economic or ecological breakthrough the damage to the US nuclear industry appears to be near fatal.  The good news regarding coal is that if the world burns less coal there will be less mercury emissions.  The bad news is that despite the Green power industries assertions otherwise the real reason for the death of coal is the current glut of inexpensive natural gas that has flooded the US market.   A rhetorical question that comes to mind is exactly who is going to be stuck with the bill to clean up all of the mess left behind from over a century of coal mining?
 Roy Herren 

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 The Republicans who object to us buying the heavy water from Iran are upset that Pres. Obama, despite constant criticism from the Right, remains Black.

Oh, and they believe in a foreign policy of stealing from other countries, or at least extorting something for nothing, rather than paying for things.  I don't know what the going rate for heavy water is, or the quality of the product, etc., but if it has value, and we are going to sell it, then it should be paid for.  It's a fairly important component of the "Free Market" concept. 

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US to buy 'excess' heavy water from Iran

 Roy Herren
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