[ RadSafe ] US to buy 'excess' heavy water from Iran

Brennan, Mike (DOH) Mike.Brennan at DOH.WA.GOV
Fri Apr 22 16:26:22 CDT 2016

The Republicans who object to us buying the heavy water from Iran are upset that Pres. Obama, despite constant criticism from the Right, remains Black.

Oh, and they believe in a foreign policy of stealing from other countries, or at least extorting something for nothing, rather than paying for things.  I don't know what the going rate for heavy water is, or the quality of the product, etc., but if it has value, and we are going to sell it, then it should be paid for.  It's a fairly important component of the "Free Market" concept. 

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US to buy 'excess' heavy water from Iran

 Roy Herren
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