[ RadSafe ] Japanese Professor has bought into Sternglass - Radiation research in children teeth in Japan

Otto Raabe ograabe at ucdavis.edu
Mon Feb 29 11:23:37 CST 2016

February 29, 2016

Internal Sr-90 at low levels has been shown to significantly *decrease 
*the risk of bone
cancer in the lifetime beagle studies (Raabe, Concerning ionizing 
cancer....International Journal of Radiation Biology 91: 810-817; 2015.

I can e-mail you a copy upon request.



On 2/28/2016 1:56 PM, Roger Helbig wrote:
> Suggest that colleagues tell the Professor Chihiro Ichihara from Aichi
> Medical University that measuring radioactivity in  teeth is very long
> running scam and he has bought into it.
> Roger Helbig
> ---------- Forwarded message ----------
> by dunrenard ( French anti-nuclear activist who does not have enough
> courage of conviction to use a real name)
> Prof. Chihiro Ichihara from Aichi Medical University, is an independent man.
> He informed the audience about the children teeth project for
> measuring Strontium 90, with no government support, looking for
> funding.
> Prof. Chihiro Ichihara collects children teeth and lets them measure
> for Strontium 90. He plans to build an own independent lab for
> parents.
> Similar project was done until the1980s in the U.S. after the bomb
> tests. It was then supervised by Jay Gould. (STRONTIUM-90 IN BABY
> http://www.radiation.org/reading/ijhs/ijhs_9_2000.html)
> To measure Sr90 is very difficult, because it emits only beta
> radiation. It causes bone marrow depression, destroys the stem cells
> and immune system, casuses bone cancer / sarcoma.
> His project deserves more attention, because it is VITAL.
> Jay M. Gould, Ernest J. Sternglass, Janette D. Sherman,
> Jerry Brown, William McDonnell, Joseph J. Mangano
> International Journal of Health Services
> Volume 30, Number 3, Pages 515-539, 2000
> Copyright Baywood Publishing Co., Inc
> http://www.radiation.org/reading/ijhs/ijhs_9_2000.html
> Kudos to Prof. Ichihara, wo worked at the research reactor in Kyoto:
> "He is a physicist specialising in Neutron transport experiments and
> their calculation as well as in gamma-ray spectrum measurement.
> Currently, he teaches as a Visiting Professor at Aichi Medical
> University. He is a member of the Steering Committee of PDTN.
> Previously, Prof. Chihiro Ichihara was an Associate Professor at the
> Research Reactor Institute of Kyoto University."
> Source: Jan Hemmer
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> http://nuclear-news.net/2016/02/28/radiation-research-in-children-teeth-in-japan/
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