[ RadSafe ] status of nuclear power world wide

Franz Schönhofer franz.schoenhofer at chello.at
Tue Jan 19 12:04:11 CST 2016


Anybody involved or interested in nuclear power worldwide should subscribe to the site www.world-nuclear-news.org. It provides information about all aspects of what is going on in this field – from uranium resources, the mining industry, financial aspects, contracts for supplies of both uranium and equipment or entire power plants. Furthermore there are very useful statistics on nuclear electricity generation and the status of spent nuclear fuel disposal. For me as a non US“ citizen it is most appealing that it covers the situation world wide exhaustibly not only the USA, ignoring the “rest of the world”!!! (Pun intended.) Unfortunately  the “greens” do never read such sites. They very successfully distribute opinions like “Nuclear power is worldwide on decline” and “will be  phased out within ten, twenty, thirty ...years”, hailing photovoltaic and windmill generated electricity as the solution to our future electricity supply in spite of facts, the latest hype being the electric cars....

Happy reading!


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