[ RadSafe ] Australian Uranium in Antarctic Ice ?

Jaro Franta jaro_10kbq at videotron.ca
Wed Jul 6 14:59:24 CDT 2016

Or, to be precise, Uranium from Australian MINES is claimed to be found in
Antarctic ice.

What do you make of it ?



My thoughts:

Looking closely at a Radiometric Map of Australia ( https://db.tt/pN8fmZNI
), I see that the region around Roxby Downs, the town next to Olympic Dam
mine (producers of both uranium & copper) has a low surface concentration of
Certainly lower than the Flinders Ranges to the east, or other areas to the
That being the case, how can lead researcher Mariusz Potocki reasonably
expect readers to believe his claim that uranium found in Antarctica comes
from Australian uranium mines ?
Does he propose some sort of magical transport mechanism that avoids the
regions where mines are located, going directly to Antarctica ?

It seems that, if anything, the Uranium found in Antarctic ice must be dust
from the erosion of the Flinders Range and other large geological features
that standout in the Radiometric Map of Australia ( https://db.tt/pN8fmZNI )

Is there similar experience elsewhere in the world, such as dust blowing off
the Sahara desert, from U-loaded phosphate deposits ?
How much is from mining, and how much from general soil erosion ?


Jaro Franta


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