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The 28th annual workshop of the Air Monitoring Users Group (AMUG) will
convene on 11 and 12 October at the Palace Station in Las Vegas. The
exciting and informative program will include some contemporary
presentations of radioactive airborne monitoring and sampling, and other
relative material in radiation detection and radiation protection. The
meeting will also host some commercial/technical exhibits. The Palace
Station will provide reasonably priced meeting and sleeping rooms for those
Among the important relevant issues will be discussions about ANSI N42.54,
the new comprehensive standard that deals with all major of the issues of
radioactive airborne monitoring and sampling; the continuing review of the
Fukushima aftermath; a current look at noble gas, radon/progeny, and tritium
monitoring; a review of other related ANSI N42 standards; and a view of some
of the currently available commercial radiation monitoring systems.
On Monday, 10 October, standards meetings will convene. On Thursday, 13
October, with sufficient interest, there will be a tour of the Nevada
National Security Site, formerly NTS.
The registration fee for this seminar is $120 per person payable to: Morgan
Cox at 34100 Chagrin Blvd in Moreland Hills, Ohio 44022, via check only from
a US bank. And payment is due in advance of the meeting and before 12
September 2016.

The Website is 


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Anybody know if the Air Monitoring Users Group is active under a different
acronym?  It seems like there is no 2016 listing for AMUG activities.
thx in advance  - -jmr

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