[ RadSafe ] Possession of yellowcake

Franz Schönhofer franz.schoenhofer at chello.at
Wed Jul 27 11:41:39 CDT 2016

Dear collegues, dear friends,

Mr or Ms Boomologist wrote: "It's sometimes difficult to determine which 
part of the rules apply to what....." I agree more than fully (possibile?). 
As a happily retired Austrian government employee I had this problem
at innumerable cases, because our old outdated Austrian legislation did not 
really give any reasonable hint on how to handle such cases. We hoped for 
the European Union Legislation to make matters clearer and easier to 
handle -
what a disappointment! Your US method to have split your legislations to all 
your states, so do not be astonished that you have to take into account so 
many different legislations!
Do not forget that this secures the employment of numerous lawyers........

Best regards,


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§ 40.13 Unimportant quantities of source material.
(b) Any person is exempt from the regulations in this part and from the
requirements for a license set forth in section 62 of the act to the extent
that such person receives, possesses, uses, or transfers unrefined and
unprocessed ore containing source material; provided, that, except as
authorized in a specific license, such person shall not refine or process
such ore.

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