[ RadSafe ] After Five Years, What Is The Cost Of Fukushima?

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This is from my friend, Jim Conca.

*After Five Years, What Is The Cost Of Fukushima?*

The direct costs of the Fukushima disaster will be about $15 billion in
clean-up over the next 20 years and over $60 billion in refugee
compensation. Replacing Japan’s 300 billion kWhs from nuclear each year
with fossil fuels has costJapan over $200 billion, mostly from fuel costs
 for natural gas, fuel oil and coal. This cost will at least double, and
that only if the nuclear fleet is mostly restarted by 2020. Since 2011,
Japan’s trade deficit has become the worst in its history, and Japan is now
the second largest net importer of fossil fuel in the world, right behind
China. Strangely, the costs that never materialized were the most feared,
those of radiation-induced cancer and death.


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