[ RadSafe ] Fukushima Site Still Leaking After Five Years, Research Shows

Franz Schönhofer franz.schoenhofer at chello.at
Thu Mar 10 12:56:21 CST 2016

Dear xxxxx, unfortunately you do in contrast to the RADSAFE rules not 
identify yourself,

Being opposed to any fear mongering of the "international united press and 
massmedia hysteria group" I do not think it appropriate to fuel ignorance 
and opposition by distributing exceeingwrong information pointing into the 
other direction.

There is a wealth of information about global fallout available on the 
internet. It is now a kind of a fashion to write about Cs-137 (sounds very 
professional for journalists!), but global fallout from nuclear bomb test 
fallout was almost equal for 'Sr-90 and Cs-137. Nevertheless have you ever 
read any numbers on the concentration of contaminants? I have never found 
any numbers, only comments of "high", "extremely", "dangerous", deadly, 
exceeding maximum allowed levels according to regulations of xxxx",

To get back to your comment:

Not only the US conducted nuclear weapons tests in the pacific ocean, world 
wide testing caused a world wide contamination of atmosphere, soil, waters 
etc. actually there were in the first years after this rallye more emphasis 
laid on Sr- 90, most probably because its determination was much more simple 
before the invention of NaI detectors.

I conclude that the contribution of Sr-90 to the dose of humans is less than 

Sorry if you feel offended, but I am so tired of this constant accusations 
of backing the worst nuclear criminals.


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Who distinguishes in this case whether or not that Sr-90 is from
Fukushima or from the US weapons test program in the pacific ocean?
This 'selective' blaming is the source of so much false statistics.

On 08/03/2016 19:00, radsafe-request at health.phys.iit.edu wrote:
> Fukushima Site Still Leaking After Five Years,
> Research Shows

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