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Joseph Preisig jrpnj01 at gmail.com
Fri Mar 11 00:03:11 CST 2016


     If you wish,   google   youtube and maglich

     In these youtubes, Dr. Bogdan Maglich discusses the Migma and Exyder
accelerator fusion systems.  These are not conventional thermal fusion
systems but accelerator-based fusion systems.  Migma uses a single particle
accelerator and weak magnetic focusing, while
Blewitt's (see the book by Livingston and Blewitt) Exyder consists of 8 or
so accelerators which create collisions of deuterium on deuterium or

     Maglich, as always, is interested in fusion and is now interested in
making Tritium and He-3 via the D, D reactions.  Apparently He-3 is an
expensive commodity/possible fuel and Tritium can be used as a fusion fuel
or to re-fuel hydrogen weapons.  He also intends to place a blanket of
Thorium around his fusion reactors to breed U-233.  He will make some
fusions happen, but he will also make (economically-viable???) U-233,
Tritium and He-3.

     Another different research group is using a collider colliding Boron
with something.  They claim trip to Mars travel times of 3 to 6 months???

     Maglich is a particle physicist, and routinely spars with the
conventional fusion community.
He claims Migma and/or Exyder have fairly long confinement times, and
suggests that conventional fusion and eventual ITER confinement times are
somewhat small.

    Watch the videos, if you wish.  Maglich's current company is CALSEC and
they make other products.  Google Calsec???  His former companies were
Fusion Energy Corporation, Aneutronics etc.  Apparently India and South
Carolina, and elsewhere, have significant amounts of Thorium, and Maglich
has some Indian scientific collaborators.

    Throw in the recent developments of the MIT Fusion Reactor and use of
High Temperature Superconductors in their magnets, and it seems a viable
fusion reactor or fusion breeder reactor is getting closer by the day.

     Joe Preisig

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