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Hi John,

FINALLY, a post that pertains to health physics. Thank you!!!

This may not be exactly what you are looking for (the tabulations are by
energy, not isotope), but a relevant recent paper on this is:

Petoussi-Henss, N., Schlattl, H., Zankl, M., Endo, A. and Saito, K. (2012)
Organ doses from environmental exposures calculated using voxel phantoms of
adults and children. Phys. Med. Biol. 57: 5679-5713.

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We just re-stumbled on the fact that FGR-11 and FGR-12 do not  have TEDE
submersion dose conversion factors (DCFs) for Kr-89 and Xe-137. So, does
anybody out there know if:
EPA or the NRC have published TEDE dose conversion factors (DCFs) for
Kr-89 and Xe-137 after publishing FGR-11 and FGR-12 If there is an
officially accepted set of TEDE DCFs that include Kr-89 and
Xe-137 submersion.

For now, we're going to use the ratios in R.G. 1.109 to get working DCFs,
but it seems like approved DCFs should be out there somewhere.

Thanx in advance  - -jmr

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