[ RadSafe ] Its been a long run so far....

Ted de Castro tdc at xrayted.com
Wed Mar 23 20:11:25 CDT 2016

For RADSAFE that is!

Does anyone have an official timeline for RADSAFE or history?

I've been with it from the very start when Hector had it as a BBS - I 
don't have any archives from back then but do have a complete archive 
back to '02 and a few old '95 and '96 entries from Franz - why just 
those from then - I don't know.  I was trying to recall JUST exactly 
when the BBS started but just can't recall and can't find any files on 
my computer that shed any light on that subject. I guess QMODEM didn't 
capture BBS threads very well!!  Or the idea of archiving just hadn't 
caught on yet.

I recall a few comments Wade Patterson had about RADSAFE VERY early on 
in a conversation with just myself, him and Hector - and maybe one other 
person.  He didn't quite understand it and had trouble "connecting" with 
the idea of a free forum - expressed in somewhat pejorative terms - he 
wanted it to become an income resource for HPS/CHP.

Just reflecting.

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