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The company I used to work at did all the sealed source leak tests for a
large multi-national company.  As part of our service we were required to
distribute paper copies of the leak test certificates to their field
personnel in about 70 countries.

By about 2005 I had the tools to enable me to manually create and email PDF
versions of the certificates and I started doing it experimentally for a few
of their locations.  I asked their global RSO if we could switch to
electronic distribution but he said no, he wanted paper copies to go to all
the field operations.  However, I thought, he didn't say I couldn't send
electronic copies in addition to the paper copies.  He wasn't a Luddite but
had to consider the infancy (or existence) of the internet at some of their
remote locations - jungles, deserts, Siberia, etc., and the responses of
local regulators.

I persisted manually creating and emailing the PDF versions until their
field personnel preferred them to the paper versions so that, when we
redesigned our data processing system a few years later to automatically
produce and email the certificates, no-one wanted paper anymore.  My
subterfuge still makes me smile.

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I would like to get the group's opinion regarding electronic record keeping
and the potential of going to a "nearly" paperless system.  Landauer has
already started pushing industrial users to go paperless and there may come
a time when we might see an advantage to storing many files electronically.
Redundancy and security are primary concerns.

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