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Jay Cafasso jay.cafasso at gmail.com
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In my opinion as a radiation outsider that is... I agree with Dr. Karam as
far as a dirty bomb is concerned.

No matter the media outreach once the R word is used and the media frenzy
starts all bets are off and you can bet that within 10 minutes of that R
word being used a person will be able to leave downtown NYC walking on the
tops of cars until their over the Brooklyn bridge.

As far as the backscatters are concerned. It was never an issue of doses.
It was bad tradescraft to have them out in public view at airports. The
first time I saw this placed in an airport i thought. I guess we did not
learn our lesson from Buster Brown and Thom McAn? The R word scares the
devil out of the hell out of most people... In my opinion..

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On Mar 28, 2016 5:05 PM, "Brennan, Mike (DOH)" <Mike.Brennan at doh.wa.gov>

> I agree.  There actually seems to be a fair number of journalist that also
> understand this, and make a point of saying that the radioactive material
> would not add to the destruction, but just increase the reaction.
> Personally, I would rather have The Bad Guys try to make dirty bombs than
> some of the other things they could spend their resources on.
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> Sandy wrote:
> "More likely that a dirty bomb would contain medical isotopes or other
> small sources where the emotional impact even without physical damage would
> be catastrophic. A small Cobalt-60 source or other source would be
> problematic as well."
> The greatest threat from the explosion of a dirty bomb is to the careers
> of politicians and high-ranking bureaucrats. Thus the disproportionate
> concern over "nuclear terrorism" among our homeland security professionals
> - and their bosses. I for one have never accepted the trope that the
> American people are too ignorant and faint-hearted to understand just what
> small potatoes a "dirty bomb" really is.
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