[ RadSafe ] Yellowcake facepaint in PNG ?

Franz Schönhofer franz.schoenhofer at chello.at
Sat May 14 13:41:50 CDT 2016

was ,
Forgive my limited knowledge of ethnology, which I always have been 
interested in. So I want to comment strictly on the basis of common sense 
which is obviously not used in the majority of press comments.

To my knowledge yellow cake is produced after many steps of purification. 
Interesting that yellow cake was produced hundreds of years ago by natives. 
As well as "uranium salts".....

Anything else? According to hearsay our ancestors used among others granitic 
rocks with uranium and thorium inclusions to kill mammouths. So it has been 
proved beyond doubt that radiation caused that radiation
he exstinction of mammouths! Unfortunately Greeenpeace was not yet invented 
and was not able to save the mammouths.

Anybody disagreeing with my explanation? Please send it to your nearest 
Greenpeace adress or to me. Do not forget to label it as a research of an 
"indipendent" researcher.

Please forgive me for disturbing antinuclear fantasties, but I am so tired 
of all those absurd messages in the mass media. I wish you a nice weekend.


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From: Jaro Franta
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Subject: [ RadSafe ] Yellowcake facepaint in PNG ?

Looking for someone in this group who could help confirm -- or deny -- a
claim regarding yellow Uranium pigment being used by indigenous tribesmen (
the Huli "Wigmen") in Papua New Guinea (PNG), for ceremonial fayet5ainting,
as per the following links:


http://bobarno.com/thiefhunters/2009/10/papua-new-guinea/   (see text near
bottom of page)

General reference: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Huli_people

I know that uranium salts were used as pigments by south-western American
tribesmen for face & body paint, but that was hundreds of years ago.
It would be amazing, if true, that uranium face paint is still being used
today, in PNG.

Thanks in advance.

Jaro Franta

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