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Mind Control and Peaceful Murder

by dunrenard (this man needs to be exposed by his real name and real
qualifications instead of his fake name - he is really a coward at
heart when he is not man enough to use his real name)

May 15, 2016 by Mikkai

The sentence: “What will our children think” – is an anachronism.
Nothing they will think, because they lack the comparison. The whole
organization of public life, of learning in schools and universities,
the work of agencies, think tanks and experts has only one aim: The
reality is taken as an always “self” updating structure, a constant
presence. Thus, disasters become accidents, and accidents become an
event. Embedded into “risks” – meaning nothing to worry about.
Invisible disasters such as in Japan are perfect to persuade us, as if
nothing had happened.
We should not rely on the power of our children, and simultaneously
reduce their perception. But that’s what happens every day. Along with
the radiation damage, each second.

Why are there protections hoaxes in cyberspace all the time? The sun
flowers, the radiation eating bacteria, and the “positive thinking”?

– Fake science, fake ethic.

– To keep claims for compensation small and / or unjustified (long
time effects of radiation are not accepted by IAEA and WHO, and so by
the Health Ministry

– keep evacuation zones small

– The invention of trivialization of nuclear accidents

– Limitation of the policy of Decontamination

– How to re integrate irradiated areas into economy

– (increasing or flexible) dose limits for all people

– To force the Japanese population to accept on behalf of the economic
efficiency unhealthy living conditions and contaminated food and
contaminated water

– To relieve TEPCO: The burden of proof is imposed on the victims
rather than on the polluter of the contamination

RESULT: The industry can go on.

Who is behind all this? Well, here is your answer:

Rockefeller founded many organisations and think tanks during World
War II. The search was on, for Mind Technology during War Times, to be
implemented into the masses, the public. The dream of a solider who
sacrifices oneself without thinking (like a japanese kamikaze) for the
rulers, without even thinking of it. The public sould become like
this, the normal man, even the pregnant women.

Among these organisations and agencies founded was the Centre d’Etudes
de Problemes Humaines de Travail, which today is the Centre d’études
de l’emploi (CREAPT):

Founded at the same time was also the Association pour la Recherche er
L’Intervention Psycho-sociologiques in France: http://www.arip-ics.org

10 years before Chernobyl the Centre d’étude sur l’Evaluation de la
Protection dans le domaine Nucléaire was founded:

As they say on their website, this program has four members
(financing) their research: “The association currently has four
members: the French public electricity generating utility (EDF), the
Institute of Radiological Protection and Nuclear Safety (IRSN), the
French Alternatives Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) and

What has CEPN done? Well, it founded Radiation “Protection” Programs
in Belarus and Japan: CORE and ETHOS:

In Japan is the Psychological Institute at Kyushu University, which is
represented by the Graduate School of Human-Environment Studies:

In the U.S.A. there is of course the American Medical Association and
the American Psychatric Association: http://www.ama-assn.org/ama and

Reactors explode, irradiate the masses and these organisations,
brainwash the victims to stay where they are, in irradiated areas.
This avoids the cost explosion of evacuation of maybe hundreds of
million of people. With psychological back power they transform the
public, the media, the politicians, and even the victims’s thinking,
that nothing is as bad as it seems, that one could protect againt
radiation effects.

The Nuclear Industrial Military Complex explodes reactors, studies the
effects via their own programs, and forces the people into the role of
guinea pigs. They eat up all remaining NGOs. And then act for the
people. Our perception is then brainwashed by their psychological task
force. This causes a psychotic holocaust, which then becomes a
cellular holocaust, because of the radiation. Normally this kind of
reversing something, a good thing which is bad, feels quite “satanic”.

This is the reason, why there is this radiation “Protection” hoax
going around, from sun flowers, to bacteria, that eat radiation and
event the crazy “think positive” ideology, especially in Japan’s
culture and the 2011 aftermath. It is all done by the same people, who
caused all these disasters.

Here is a typical, cynical statements which shows it all, it was said
b a CORE expert in Belarus:

“If we continue to treat them like victims, they feel like victims”
Zoya I. Trafimchik, coordinator of the CORE program:

This is the Crime of CORE. Mind Control of the Radiation Victims, and
then Peaceful Murdering them.

The Main Pro Nuclear Program in Japan is ETHOS right now, acting as if
they help the victims: http://ethos-fukushima.blogspot.de/

To understand this criminal program in Japan, look at the CORE program
in Belarus: The Budget of the CORE program: 5 Million EUROs was the
CORE budget. But there are also papers which show a Budget of 4
Million EUROs. The truth is: You need Billions of EUROs to “handle”
Chernobyl: More than 6 Million people are still living in irradiated
areas in Belarus. How to evacuate them? Build endless houses? Why such
a small budget? If you would push more money into it you would admit
that Chernobyl was what it was: An unpayable Catastrophe. And one 2nd
thing: You would admit that atomic power is unpayable – none of the
atomic reactors on this planet are assured. A big crash like the
Chernobyl one would cause a damage of 2 – 5,000,000,000,000 EUROs in
the U.S. or in the E.U.

Here is an Opinion about CORE Program: http://spring96.org/en/news/1244

Chernobyl program CORE has the aim to “end” Chernobyl. By helping
people to die (not to live!) in irradiated areas. The only state
supported program.

The Chernobyl aid-program in Belarus was stopped in 1994 / 95: PAGE 62
of this presentation :
http://www.life-upgrade.com/DATA/NesterenkoChernobyl-Belarus.pdf and a
new “pro nuclear” program replaced it

CORE – or “on how to end Chernobyl (atomic reactor explosion 1986 /
radiation) and the resettlement of people in contaminated areas in

CORE – from “Cooperation” and “Rehabilitation”. Rehabilitation means:

CORE – program launched in Belarus: “Bragin”, “Chetschersk”,
“Slavgorod” and “Stolin”.

CORE – the successor program of the failed program “ETHOS”


The already existing Chernobyl NGO’s do not play a role in the CORE
program, beside themself participate on CORE – with their own (already
short) budget – raised from international donations. Pro nuclear
programs CORE and SAGE are powered by french atomic industry: EDF,
Areva and the CEA.

“For a quarter of a century a systematic crime against humanity has
been perpetrated by people in senior positions at the heart of Europe.
The people living in Western Europe, so advanced technologically,
remain indifferent and largely disinformed. In order to preserve the
consensus around the military and civilian nuclear industry, the
nuclear lobby and the official medical establishment have, for the
past 26 years, knowingly condemned millions of human guinea pigs to an
experiment on their bodies with new diseases in the vast laboratory
provided by the territories contaminated by Chernobyl. Children are
being treated like laboratory animals, under observation from French
and German scientists, and French NGO’s like the CEPN, Mutadis
Consultants, ETHOS and CORE, who must take their share of the
responsibility. (Translator’s note: CEPN is the Centre d’étude sur
l’Evaluation de la Protection dans le domaine Nucléaire ; Mutadis,
ETHOS and CORE are all offshoots of the French nuclear industry,
financed either through Electricité de France or the Autorité de
Sureté Nucléaire.) The same fate awaits the Japanese people and their
children living in areas contaminated by the Fukushima disaster
because the same strategy is being put in place in Japan with the same
players, the same pseudo-scientific justifications and under the aegis
of the same authorities.” MORE: http://independentwho.org

“…the IAEA will endeavour to organize conferences, seminars and
workshops, in cooperation with the University, with the aim of
enhancing public awareness of radiological effects on human health and
addressing the issue of “radiation fear” and post-traumatic stress
disorders in the Fukushima population…”

“it is recognized by the World Health Organization that the
International Atomic Energy Agency has the primary responsibility for
encouraging, assisting and coordinating research and development and
practical application of atomic energy for peaceful uses throughout
the world without prejudice to the right of the World Health
Organization to concern itself with promoting, developing, assisting
and coordinating international health work, including research, in all
its aspects.” http://www.iaea.org/Publications/Documents/Infcircs/Others/inf20.shtml#note_c

It is remarkable how reports always include “stress” / “fear” /
“might” / “concern” / “risk” / “Danger” in their headlines and
MAINgoals of reporting. The real damage occurring moves into the
background. The dead, the injured, not worth looking at, only the
concern counts. This is important, especially during nuclear
catastrophes (which never end), to create the illusion of an “end”, to
overcome the “current situation”. This is not about hope or strength,
but to cover up, so that the Holocaust industry can live on.

Nourished by the death of children, sponsored by the IAEA and the
World Health Organization. I present you two instruments which are
used: 1) The invention of an unethical, non-medical term:
“Radiophobia” and 2) the exclusion of NGOs as alarmists. Compare
everything you have read and seen with this information. Be ready to
see everything in a totally new light. Even the term “stress” is today
overused, for everything, as if stress is something new in human
history and could be responsible for all the diseases. It’s not.
Internal Emitters from Reactors are. Risk is a virtual term, which
conceals existing, current, happening damage.

Japanese people hear it from Fukshima day One: “Panic and fear of
radiation is much worse than radiation itself” At the Chernobyl IAEA
forum the term “Radiophobia” was invented and used: “What’s worse, the
IAEA is going public these days with statements ridiculing the so
called “radiophobia” of the population and calling for an end of aid
programs, which, according to the IAEA report of 2005, only serve to
instil a victim mentality in a totally healthy population – a claim
not only cynical, but potentially dangerous for the health of the
affected population.” Source:

Source: https://tekknorg.wordpress.com/2016/05/15/mind-control-and-peaceful-murder/

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