[ RadSafe ] question about the HPS presentation titled "Physician into rad environment"

Franz Schönhofer franz.schoenhofer at chello.at
Thu May 26 09:15:52 CDT 2016

Celi et al.,

Without doubt your interpretation is correct, unless probably you come 
across a very athletic female weight lifter or another woman athlet with 
more muscle than fat or a female bodybuilder with only muscles....... What 
an interesting
topic for a research project.

Interesting work has been done by a friend of mine, who relatively shortly 
after the Chernobyl accident investigated the amount of Cs-137 in 
bodchurchies of "normal" people versus athlets and found that the latter had 
much higher concentrations in their body - I hope everybody on Radsafe knows 
about the similarity in biological behaviour of Cs(-137) and K(-40). You are 
free to explain this to our antinuclear experts. I am not sure that they 
will understand  this simple relation. Another former collegue The radiation 
risk therefore is significantly less for couch potatoes.....

I have no link, but his name was Heinz Oberhummer, he died last year. He was 
mostly engaged in nuclear physics, but also in the movement against 
privilegies of the church(es) in Austria. Together with another scientist he 
started quite a few years ago a TV program under the title "Who knows 
nothing has to believe everything." What a wonderful sentence, well 
applicable to all the discussions whether with our green friends or 
political agitation.

Best regards,


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Subject: [ RadSafe ] question about the HPS presentation titled "Physician 
into rad environment"

I am viewing this presentation and there is a slide that has this question 
on it
Who is more radioactive, males or females?
I am assuming that since its on the page about K40 and since K40 is stored 
in the muscles the correct answer is males?

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