[ RadSafe ] Philips Allura Clarity FD 20 vs Toshiba Infinix-i Dual Plane

Diane Griffiths nucleardi at gmail.com
Tue Nov 15 09:59:59 CST 2016

Our Cardiologists in Cardiac Cath are looking to upgrade our Cath machines,
and they are looking at the Philips Allura Clarity FD 20 vs Toshiba
Infinix-i Dual Plane. They had some questions on the dose reduction
techniques and differences between these two machines.

They are wondering, if you take the 20 in single plane field in the Philips
FD 20, and collimate it down to an 8 inch field, how much reduction in
radiation exposure will there be?

They are debating between these 2 machines and the Toshiba dual plane has
the peripheral (12 in by 16 in) and cardiac (8 in by 8 in) heads and the
brochure shows that there is a 38 - 65% reduction in radiation exposure
with using the cardiac head (8 in by 8 in).

Is this a pretty accurate estimate in the dose reduction for the Toshiba?

Thus, they are wondering, could they achieve the same dose reduction with
the Philips machine by collimating the field to a smaller size?

Right now we have Philips machines in the Cath suites, but some of the
doctors have used the Toshiba machines at other facilities.

I would appreciate any feedback and comments on these machines!


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