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In September, I posted a request for some pencil dosimeters and chargers to
fill a need of two hospital radiology departments in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.
The hospitals do not currently have dosimetry for either Haitian or visiting
US/EU radiation technicians due to cost and logistics. The hospitals are
immersed in front-line medical care for the poor in both rural and urban
Haiti and are run by the catholic charity NPH. I am both pleased and humbled
by the response from RadSafe listers.  


Lynn Dobbs, RSO for University of South Carolina, and  Dr. Peter Sandwall
with University of Cincinnati both responded with units which can be put to
use in Haiti.  In addition, Perry LaFountain with Arrow-Tech Inc., a
manufacturer of radiation detection equipment and the only current
manufacturer of pencil dosimeters, generously donated two new charging units
and the associated rugged pencil dosimeters for this effort.  Thanks to
these kind donations, we now have workable units to meet the dosimetry needs
at both hospitals.   I very much appreciate the RadSafe forum and the
response from those who answered this need.



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