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Policy on nuclear energy is explicitly asked of the US Presidential candidates in the linked Scientific American article here...



It is mentioned in questions 3 (Climate Change), 7 (Energy), and 11 (Nuclear Power).


Hold the door for the stranger behind you. When the driver in the adjacent lane signals to get over, slow down. Smile and say "hi" to the folks you pass on the sidewalk. Give blood. Volunteer.

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[Nuclear Advocacy Network]<http://clicktracking.gractions.com/?qs=bG5UKwSaveg%2flD%2fZHAJi7ksc6PPWggmB1P3c8M2YVUmhpcnWai%2fIiOoYfCEw%2bgCaMDlYacLvfOURhjlqmHg1ddT85FAEIlwpyCotuKxH4uz3WPPkpHFd8OauWFWcVitAsQgnFqBv9GOKfRJbdIPJGud%2fzOjoQjFM7jjX2FsN9sFzENW9kUZWfw%3d%3d>



Get Out the Nuclear Vote

With the 2016 Presidential Election just weeks away, this is a crucial time for nuclear energy advocates. Although it's been difficult to get a clear idea about where the candidates stand on a range of issues, including nuclear energy, this article from Scientific American<http://clicktracking.gractions.com/?qs=bG5UKwSaveilTCKkxzXTFtA6y18ecteR%2fKuPmF6cvAkM7Nzrn3KWukHDWndaZVfaMDlYacLvfOURhjlqmHg1ddT85FAEIlwpewdVkp5WbvNUzOcdH8dgETEzeWQ0Kd1jBuR3SFm7kd6f2bedLY6hd70bV0E18r0kSa2NvXRpKCHL27fyxVeQ6MAWw0%2f2120O%2fFj2gO6gGbR2FGLPVWbDb1GWqwhnaPqUNLewOn8xi8%2fqTkryyZym%2bLlwqIlqdo8E> might help.

Regardless, we must do our best to ensure that pro-nuclear candidates are elected not just in the White House, but around the country. With 34 Senate seats and all 435 House seats up for grabs, this is our opportunity to make a difference in the makeup of congressional representatives who support nuclear power and technology. For any and all information related to this election, we recommend visiting the Ballotpedia website<http://clicktracking.gractions.com/?qs=bG5UKwSavejb8nnyYyIwTP602MOBlk77pklN%2fT%2fvHTpqlt4qXJxkpoCRXB6Vos6YMDlYacLvfOURhjlqmHg1ddT85FAEIlwpewdVkp5WbvNUzOcdH8dgEbrPX3L9NAZkOtyoFJoW380TNAaHCoaULKpLjzaDw79A>.

More than ever, it is important to vote on November 8th. Voice your support and advocate for nuclear energy issues at the ballot box by supporting candidates who recognize the value of nuclear energy and the promise of advanced nuclear technologies.


Nuclear Advocacy Network


How to Choose
Your Candidate(s):

Decide on what you are looking for in a candidate: Which issues do you want to see addressed?

Find out about the candidate: Which issues do they prioritize and what is their voting record?

Observe and evaluate the candidate's leadership abilities: Review his or her background, experience, preparation and speaking engagements to decide if the candidate seems like a good leader.

Learn about how other people view the candidate: Seek out opinions of those you trust and pay attention to which endorsements the candidate receives.


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