[ RadSafe ] Query re human pulmonary processes or mechanics.

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This is a "little" off topic, but, but, that's the same breathing 
technique advocated by La Maze(sp?) for labor during the birthing process. 
 It might be that the slightly higher air pressure in the lungs increases 
the oxygen exchange rate.  Also as everybody knows who blows up those 
little balloons at a kids birthday party, exhaling under pressure does 
make you dizzy - - - too little CO2?
 - - a true non-expert on this subject  - - jmr

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Does anyone know of or have you seen empirical data re the expulsion of 
CO2 in human breathing?  I've long heard that one with emphysema should 
inhale thru the nose and exhale by mouth with pursed lips. The pursed 
lips have been deemed significant to ridding the body of CO2.  Can 
anyone shed empirical light? Thanks.
Maury Siskel
maurysis at peoplepc.com
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