[ RadSafe ] Adopting the International System of Units for Radiation Measurements

The Wilsons pnwnatives at gmail.com
Wed Sep 14 14:10:56 CDT 2016

The public's understanding and ability to put either number in any 
sensible perspective is marginal at best. What is the point of change 
anyway? It doesn't improve safety, or efficiency. one system is as good 
as the other and change for the sake of change is just disruptive and 
adds unnecessary confusion.

Bob Wilson.

On 9/14/2016 9:11 AM, Conway Lowe Family wrote:
> With all due respect, please stop with all the excuses and move into the
> 21st century.  Just get on with it.
> Relative to frightening the math-weak public, it all depends on how you ask
> the question.  What sounds "scarier": 1 Bq or 2.7E-11 Ci ?   I would think
> the latter.
> L. Lowe
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