[ RadSafe ] Ge-68/Ga-68?

Michael, Joey L joey-michael at uiowa.edu
Mon Sep 26 14:05:58 CDT 2016

Some researchers at our hospital have used the generators to bind Ga-68 to DOTATATE for PET imaging of neuroendocrine tumors.  Basically, the generator is connected to a synthesis module to do the chemistry.  Previously, neuroendocrine tumors were imaged using In-111 SPECT imaging.  I have heard the Ga-68 labelled agent has better uptake by the tumors and of course produce better images.  

New generators are around 50 mCi of Ge-68.  Eckert & Ziegler Isotope Product Labs are one supplier.  There may be others.  


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Hey all - I recently came across a reference to Ge-68 / Ga-68 for medical use. I have to admit that this is a new one to me; I did some on-line looking but couldn't turn up much. I was wondering if anyone out there in Radsafe-land can point me in the direction of some better information. I'm curious about what it's used for, who makes it, how much activity is in the generators, etc. Just wondering - and thanks!

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