[ RadSafe ] Chris Busby writes about HPS and RadSafe

Jaro Franta jaro_10kbq at videotron.ca
Sat Jan 7 12:04:49 CST 2017



Chris Busby writes about HPS and RadSafe, in a comment on an article posted
by SuperStation95 :


Chris Busby
The Health Physics Society, that the pro-nuke contingent in this endless and
unresolvable thread are mostly idiots dominated by liars and crooks. 
Mostly people either with crap physics degrees that couldn't make it in
academia, or people that cant even make physics degrees but learn how to
apply the formulae developed by the nuclear industry, technicians. 
I have been up against a number of them in legal cases and in every one they
were shown to have lied or twisted the truth and were often thrown out by
the judge.
For a while I argued with them in their Radsafe blog until the moderator
banned me because the attacks on me were taking over the blogsite. 
It is a club of stupid individuals who all group think and exclude evidence,
including peer reviewed evidence from their exchanges and beliefs. 
Karl Z Morgan, the "father of Health Physics" wrote: I feel like a father
who is ashamed of his children.
<end quote>


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