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Content preview:  Jaro and RADSAFErs, Here we go again - Busby at his best.
  Well, I did not miss him in the meantime..... Please be careful and do not
   take my words serious, because they come from an idiot, a liar and a crook
   (all three united in one person!). I do not even have a crap physics degree
   - I had to look that up in the dictionary, because we did not learn such
  a word in school - I have no physics degree at all, but a PhD in chemistry
   with a thesis in radiochemistry. I have not attempted to reach a physics
  degree, but had to study a lot of physics and physical chemistry as well to
   clear a very difficult examination in physics in ord scientific worker to
   be able to graduate in chemistry. I never needed to apply any formula developed
   by the nuclear industry but used only formulas and data from textbooks and
   papers developed by scientists and not technicians. I am happy to be a member
   of that club of stupid individuals called RADSAFE. As to peer review I recommend
   the cartoon on facebook "green lemons...." the bereted wonder: "All my work
   is peer reviewed by me." [...] 

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