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Chris Alston achris1999 at gmail.com
Tue Jan 24 21:20:53 CST 2017

Mr Richel

To answer your question briefly, "yes".  But it doesn't solely originate
with patients and their significant others.  Physicians can infect them
with the meme for radiophobia.  Please see the article *Don't Let Radiation
Scare Trump Patient Care*; Brody, AS and Guillermin, RP; *Thorax*.
The subtitle is 10 Ways You Can Harm Your Patients by Fear of Radiation-Induced
Cancer From Diagnostic Imaging.  You might try looking for the journal on
www.medscape.com, or via Stanford's HighWire Press at:
http://home.highwire.org/ .


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In the radiological literature several articles have appeared suggesting
that radiophobia might prevent people from necessary X-rays/CT-scans. I
understand the reasoning, but so far none of these articles has shown that
there really is a problem, that people actually refuse nuclear imaging or
that tv-quacks/green ngos really recommend to refuse. Is there such a

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