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Tue Jan 24 10:17:43 CST 2017

When I was RSO at the University of Rochester and Strong Hospital there was a fairly dreadful paper published suggesting that CT scans given to children but using adult settings were likely responsible for enough unnecessary radiation exposure to induce hundreds of cancers annually. Without debating the merits of this particular paper, we saw a definite change at our hospital.

While I don't have exact numbers to give you, our Radiology department saw a marked drop in parents authorizing CT scans and mentioning this paper and the news coverage surrounding it. Many parents actually requested exploratory surgery rather than subject their children to a CT. It rapidly got to the point where I was asked to help draft an information sheet for the parents that explained why exploratory surgery was more dangerous than a CT.

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In the radiological literature several articles have appeared suggesting that radiophobia might prevent people from necessary X-rays/CT-scans. I understand the reasoning, but so far none of these articles has shown that there really is a problem, that people actually refuse nuclear imaging or that tv-quacks/green ngos really recommend to refuse. Is there such a problem?

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