[ RadSafe ] Worker at Ibaraki facility found with up to 22 kBq of Pu in lungs

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Thanks for this interesting posting.  A problem with using effective dose
(Sv) in epidemiology is that, because it's a risk-based unit, not a unit of
physical measurement (Gy), one essentially presupposes an effect.  Now, it
may well be that the authors of the study include estimates of the
radiation doses to the various organs in their, no doubt, lengthy
discussion of their methodology, that is, how they derived the estimated
effective doses.  But personally I'd find it more informative if they gave
us intercomparisons of, say, the radiation doses to the lungs of all of the
exposed subjects with those of the "controls" (including the cGy delivered
by cigarette smoke).

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Sounds like the comment is way over the top from this -
Fifty years of plutonium exposure to the Manhattan Project plutonium
workers: an update.
Voelz GL1, Lawrence JN, Johnson ER.

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