[ RadSafe ] ] [Radsafe] News: One worker at Ibaraki facility found with up to 22, 000 becquerels of plutonium in lungs

Jaro Franta jaro_10kbq at videotron.ca
Thu Jun 8 06:36:47 CDT 2017

The article states that "The agency estimates that the amount of radiation
exposure of the man with the highest level translates to up to 12 sieverts
over 50 years."

It doesn't say what that 12 Sv applies to - effective body dose, or dose to
a particular organ.

So I looked at some Rad Toolbox calcs for inhalation of 22kBq of Pu239 (slow
systemic transfer - 'S' or 'Y' case)


Interesting to compare to Radium dial painters data - where no malignancies
were seen below 3700 kBq (0.1mCi) of INGESTED activity.
Ingestion is of course a very different pathway, but Rad Toolbox calculates
that, while the bone surface dose is much higher for the Ra226 ingestion
case, the effective body dose is similar to inhalation of 22kBq of Pu239.




On Wed, Jun 7, 2017 at 4:30 PM, Nick Tsurikov <nick.tsurikov at gmail.com>
> Dear all,
> The full article in Japan Today:
> Kind regards
> Nick
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