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I've seen  something  really  strange  lately, oh my!  Please? look into  it here  http://www.lalabagannabankur.com/correctly.php?UE9yYWRzYWZlQGhlYWx0aC5waHlzLmlpdC5lZHU-

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The  oil price  directly  determines  how  fast we will run out of the  resource of  oil.

Only if  DARPA secretly holds  a solution  would it be prudent for the US to deplete the world's oil  supplies  and reap an economic reward. Otherwise it would be extremely inadviseable to subvert  oil prices for any long-term.

As no  intelligence agency knows of a US secret solution to the world's oil problem, we can reasonably expect  the  oil prices  to recover and the world  to cease being needlessly harmed.

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