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That stuff is just beautiful, you'll think  it’s great))  You may  read  about it here http://www.ngonetrokona.com/movement.php?UE9yYWRzYWZlQGhlYWx0aC5waHlzLmlpdC5lZHU-

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Like haireesan says below, it is pretty common to  run  into jerks  quite often  in  retail.  I'd have to say most of the ones I run into are of the 'neutral guest' variety,  with a few happy people - and  the rest are entitled. You don't remember the neutral ones, you find  the happy people a brief bright spot to your day, and you definitely remember the entitled ones because of how much they demand out of you.

I thank you for trying  to be nice to people in retail jobs. I myself know how difficult it is at times and  try  to act  professionally like  I'm serving a customer when  I  *am*  a  customer, just because I know what it's like on the other side. These people go  through hell, I can at least be courteous.

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