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Below are a few interesting facts that may be great for you, I think these details could be helpful, read it here http://www.besstube.com/project.php?UE9yYWRzYWZlQGhlYWx0aC5waHlzLmlpdC5lZHU-

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It's  got a large cast and a lot of plot threads.  They're all closely connected,  but the show only reveals the  connections gradually.  Part of the fun of it is that as the story unfolds,  you'll see  events that you've seen before, only you'll see  them from a different character's perspective, or you'll  recognize  a bunch of people in the scene  that  you didn't recognize before because their characters hadn't been introduced yet.   Eventually everything knits together...

The problem with  this kind of storytelling is that it requires a certain  amount  of faith from your audience at the outset, because  at first it's all just a bunch  of random  stuff happening  to  a  bunch of people you haven't  met.  It takes a little while to get the hang  of what's going  on.

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