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Sander Perle sandyfl at cox.net
Tue Sep 26 08:18:47 CDT 2017

Hi Brian,


Thanks for posting. Interesting. It took me quite some time to find the lead equivalence. Regardless of how effective this is, it looks nicer than wearing a fitted lead sheet around the abdominal area! How effective, who knows. They do show some TLD data but in some instances, the reduction factor didn’t appear to be of significance. I will delve deeper and also see how effective is it at angular irradiations, from vertical and horizontal, and +/- 90 degrees.


If one had to enter an area where there is a known significant dose rate, this appears to be a reasonable piece of apparel, with protection. 





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I'm certainly not endorsing this, but thought people should know that it's being offered.  Pretty remarkable claims....


We are excited to introduce the revolutionary StemRad 360 Gamma, which is the world's first wearable shield that provides meaningful protection from harmful gamma radiation. Since first-responders are the first line of defense and the first on the scene when it comes to nuclear catastrophes, they face significant risk from exposure to deadly gamma radiation. The StemRad 360 Gamma enables first-responders to perform their life-saving role of containing the catastrophe, while also enabling those in close proximity to safely evacuate exposed areas.


Feel free to give me a call if you'd like pricing and a demonstration:


STEMRAD 360: http://www.berkeleynucleonics.com/stemrad<https://u1089112.ct.sendgrid.net/wf/click?upn=fvFcEKUj8h5uxIgtzpgszjuMkvrqoxhwS2fM9OvfX0Gd1I4rj-2BTCGNQFsAYmuCWP4ePFG-2BgogrZq5r52Y9zD1g-3D-3D_vN8oVP2TSjBll0t8BD8M63qmT6aX-2BgNlX62y6EjcD43rGKUrV9W0A-2Fv8Xf-2FzOD7c0xqdlGK-2FKqu1LWkqpNynOvoj7TFzRxFZBsmJwwsiiLqzP7p8Fz-2BftAcml6gVnmdwVenEXU6Rf7Kp4wSVZLY-2FRn-2FmfcFPV1Y6p8Ihne1hZT5bFwo8xTrK5ZwY9JpnidXFpU-2FAIOsdEAYtBU-2BerJth-2BXgjTyTX-2B7LYzlkCPFZzUzT7gsytzrzn4a-2FOJ9Tv57LWTzPETmnuoVHXZu6RUtJPodmf3pUqNpKOTLaXxovRdnFyQvdDatWax24mvjaXO0Z38qUo-2FQrHbs1SbGPKkqKYiu-2FHKKB1jbCQgENojnAPah4i0YnA6eWmsUhdUGrJ8EN2CZaeQdgcsPz59m3rHak-2FdEsLo6Z1uOaDSUC4-2Bjk5L9uwBc-2FGvB9zsS5O5kkL6OPCmeTH118FDZ7M7EyDxz02GQ-3D-3D>


STEMRAD 360 Video: https://youtu.be/1PPSo5mKfeg<https://u1089112.ct.sendgrid.net/wf/click?upn=2nNFHsHfaPavI87glwh7f8H-2BN0I12RW-2BRDY0g-2BQRmiRTCcM49k-2BDwbqJKUJrteYr_vN8oVP2TSjBll0t8BD8M63qmT6aX-2BgNlX62y6EjcD43rGKUrV9W0A-2Fv8Xf-2FzOD7c0xqdlGK-2FKqu1LWkqpNynOvoj7TFzRxFZBsmJwwsiiLqzP7p8Fz-2BftAcml6gVnmdwVenEXU6Rf7Kp4wSVZLY-2FRn-2FmfcFPV1Y6p8Ihne1hZT5bFwo8xTrK5ZwY9JpnidXFpU-2FAIOsdEAYtBU-2BerJth-2BWDSghN0t50X72iZxEG7I1qofp-2F9i-2BnZtpezg-2FdG7ti7XMDOkNGChZglEmQNfyTqrfkMmkDtgU-2F0kUy7RESZCeIEpethoabuasgTotjKsoxTA72AxG7SlbC-2F9hMdyeyLrULm0DD9PDLfJ94Cuw81lrkK-2B1OBzjhI-2BsbX8YPhiVd6bim2GRbmcwgcHsuzc4tuRzcmUt7665WUyU6tk-2FUDtIe-2F2puaRLxPLHsf7gh9GVh5roUO2l-2Fw3w9eEt-2FsdpLHyA-3D-3D>



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