[ RadSafe ] Another Devoted Anti-Nuke - John La Forge

Sander Perle sandyfl at cox.net
Tue Feb 6 09:27:50 CST 2018

I spent 21 years in nuclear energy, and the points in this article can not be denied. In the early days the nuke units were running full capacity and other sources were used during peak requirements, oil, gas, etc. today the nuke units do not run at maximum capacity, where cheaper sources are used primarily. Then add in regulatory imposed costs, maintenance, etc., nuke units are not what they used to be. One only needs to look at the entire industry over the past 2 decades. The data speaks for itself. Sad times for nuclear energy. 


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> https://www.counterpunch.org/2018/02/06/nuclear-reactors-bankrupting-their-owners-closing-early/
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