[ RadSafe ] Any experience buying Hamamatsu PMT-s?

Burn, James (Jack) burn.james at epa.gov
Thu Feb 22 13:45:48 CST 2018

Have you tried ebay?
Imperxon? (http://impexron-ltd.com/en/brand-hamamatsu_ceni_bulgaria-5559)

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I have been trying to get price info since Monday for a particular Hamamatsu PMT from their catalog. All I got was an autoreply and a standard letter asking about our application, end user etc. to which I duly replied.
We want to buy just 2 tubes so I understand they will not come running but I would expect if they do not actually have the product to at least say so. The standard letter came from Germany (me being in Bulgaria), I tried to phone yesterday and today, nobody picks up.

My experience buying PMT-s is none, I have had to deal with quite a few but in NaI detectors etc. We have never bought directly from Hamamatsu, not that I remember at least.

Any suggestions how to proceed, perhaps some useful contact?



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