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Carol Marcus csmarcus at ucla.edu
Sun Feb 3 15:17:44 CST 2019

For inhalation, 1 micron AMAD, 3.9E-05.  For 5 micron AMAD, 2.7E-05.  
For ingestion, 2.0E-07.

On 2/3/2019 12:37 PM, Theo Richel wrote:
> Does anyone have ICRP Publication 68 available: 'Dose Coefficients for Intakes of Radionuclides by Workers' and can then tell me  the dose coefficient for Americium 241?  I'd be most grateful. As a journalist I would like to calculate the dose that Harold McCluskey (Mr Atomic) received after his accident with Am 241 where he ingested/inhaled about 10 mBq. This was largely chelated, and lowered to  about 55 kBq and he died 11 years later at 78 of heart failure that he already suffered from before the accident. I would very much like to find out what all this means in dose-terms.
> Many thanks
> Theo Richel
> The Netherlands
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