[ RadSafe ] Accelerator activation cross sections

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You may like to use the Experimental Nuclear Reaction Data (EXFOR) database at the National Nuclear Data Center - https://www.nndc.bnl.gov/exfor/exfor.htm..... 

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I am aware that an accelerator over 10 MeV can produce neutrons and therefore represents an activation capable machine for many targets (spallation sources are a good example).  I am also aware that for some specific targets the threshold for neutron production may be as low as a few MeV.  For neutron activation there are well tabulated reference cross sections such as the barns books.   However, although more rare, there are a variety of direct proton and electron irradiation activation reactions possible at sufficiently high particle accelerator energies.  Can anyone recommend a good reference for non-neutron based activation reaction cross sections similar to the barns books?     
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