[ RadSafe ] A question on nuclide energies/libraries for Exploranium GR-135+

Nick Tsurikov nick.tsurikov at gmail.com
Tue Jan 8 03:40:03 CST 2019

Dear colleagues,
Happy New Year to everyone!

A question - my Exploranium works just fine after Irian fixed it, but now I
have an issue with downloading the spectra.  I can see them all on the
monitor, but the computer and monitor stopped talking.  Not big deal of an
issue and certainly not a reason to send it for repairs, which may not be
needed, but the charts on monitor display are rather small and all I have
is the list of gamma peak energies.  Identifies Cs-137 and Ra-226 just fine
but I do have several spectra that I do need to interpret...
I do have a huge Schlein volume with gazillions of gamma energies for
everything - but...  Is there some relatively small 'extra' manual for
Exploranium where I can look up the gamma energies and compare those with
what the monitor detects?
At the moment I only need an "industrial" and 'NORM" isotopes, we don't
have anything "nuclear" in Australia to speak of and "medical" is not my
Your help will be very much appreciated.
Kind regards and thanks in advance

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