[ RadSafe ] Treating soil to remove cesium

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Or you accumulate the water so that you can run it through an ion-exchange resin ... not sure that's been done at the scale required ;-(

The other problem in these processes is that you start with high concentrations in soils that are mixed, by normal management processes such as dig and dump, with 'clean' material, which yields much more, (bulk lower activity) material that then has to be processed.  So, you've increased the scale and difficulty in processing the 'problem'.   Not that you had much choice in the first place ...

Mike Davies

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Sure you can remove cesium by soaking the soil in water. Cesium salts are highly soluable.  Then you have contaminated water to add to the 1 million tons they already have.  It should all be just dumped in the ocean.

Clayton Bradt
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