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David Biela bielada at roadrunner.com
Fri Mar 27 12:05:52 CDT 2020

Interesting Thanks!

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> On Mar 27, 2020, at 11:03 AM, Sander Perle <sandyfl at cox.net> wrote:
> ´╗┐Spam detection software, running on the system "agni.phys.iit.edu",
> has identified this incoming email as possible spam.  The original
> message has been attached to this so you can view it or label
> similar future email.  If you have any questions, see
> the administrator of that system for details.
> Content preview:  Thanks Joe, Will have to check this out! Regards, 
> Content analysis details:   (8.5 points, 5.0 required)
> pts rule name              description
> ---- ---------------------- --------------------------------------------------
> 3.6 RCVD_IN_PBL            RBL: Received via a relay in Spamhaus PBL
>                            [ listed in zen.spamhaus.org]
> 0.0 RCVD_IN_SORBS_DUL      RBL: SORBS: sent directly from dynamic IP
>                            address
>                            [ listed in dnsbl.sorbs.net]
> 0.0 SPF_HELO_NONE          SPF: HELO does not publish an SPF Record
> 0.7 SPF_NEUTRAL            SPF: sender does not match SPF record (neutral)
> 0.0 HTML_MESSAGE           BODY: HTML included in message
> 0.0 MIME_QP_LONG_LINE      RAW: Quoted-printable line longer than 76
>                            chars
> 1.3 RDNS_NONE              Delivered to internal network by a host with no rDNS
> 0.0 UNPARSEABLE_RELAY      Informational: message has unparseable relay
>                            lines
> 3.0 MALWARE_NORDNS         Malware bragging + no rDNS
> The original message was not completely plain text, and may be unsafe to
> open with some email clients; in particular, it may contain a virus,
> or confirm that your address can receive spam.  If you wish to view
> it, it may be safer to save it to a file and open it with an editor.
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