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The Winner!! and another quiz. Quiz: Why 207 Uzbek workers leave for N. Korea ?


We have a winner!

Here is a winner, who gave a correct answer to the

previouse weekend quiz.

The winner is Robert A. Scott.

Congratulations Bob!

Your answer was accepted as a correct one because you

gave a correct idea about the PROCESS outcome.

You are absolutely correct, they are not going to

build the electricity producing reactor power  plants


1.1 There is many factors why IT "will not happen BUT

will happen something else"  


1.2 IT  "cannot happen" on the first place.

1.3 What can different happen?

1.4 Well, this is a question for another quiz.


You have answered as "will not happen" because they

are going to a warmer climate to have some leisure


We y'all health physics field professionals know,

there are many ways to answer the question.


I had in mind more technical answer and it is from the

categories "Cannot happen"

Uzbekistan, its self never had an EPRPP, so how can it

HELP to build one? If it never has build one?


Back to the subject,

The winner of course as always will get something for

free. Bob, email to me your post office coordinats and

the prize will be shipped to you within a week.

Thank you Bob and again, congratulations!

A nice and safe day for Bob and his family.

Nice and safe week fellas.


You wrote:

--- Robert A Scott <bobscottchp@juno.com> wrote:

>The answer to the question below is   g. none of

> the above.  The Uzbeks

> had experienced a cold winter, and they heard that

> there was a thaw in

> North Korea, so they asked to be sent there to warm

> up.



> > 

> > Here is the weekend quiz.

> > 

> >



> > 

> > Question: Why 207 Uzbek workers leave for N.

> Korea?

> > 

> > g. Non of the above.

> > 

> > i. All of the above.

> >



> > 


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