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Re: Device enquiry

The NRC's State Programs www page has the following Sealed Source & Device Registry sheet on a VIATEC Ltd, Div. Of Plessy, Inc device, however, the Isotope was Ra226/Be in stead of Am241/Be. The review is coded as an Inactive SSD model number.


This might be a start. The Company is out of South Africa.

Robert N. Young, X-ray Registration & Machine / Device Permitting Manager

TN - Division of Radiological Health

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e-mail: ryoung3@mail.state.tn.us

>>> "Dahlskog, Leif" <Leif.Dahlskog@HEALTH.WA.GOV.AU> 4/9/01 12:26:18 AM >>>

Dear Colleagues

I am looking for information about the following moisture measuring devices.

The information I have is as follows:-

Manufacturer : VIATEC Ltd, Div. Of Plessy, Inc

Model : PW23 Depth Probe Model DP1

Serial No. : 11

Contents : Am241/Be (activity unknown), June 1969

The above has a central rod about 1.5 inches diameter and maybe 4 ft long

surrounded by a green metal cylinder (shield).  From surveys it appears the

source is located half way along the rod.

Accompanying the above is another smaller hand operated device with a lever

operated shutter. This one is labelled:-

Manufacturer : VIATEC Ltd, Div. Of Plessy, Inc

Model	: HDM2, Surface Probe

Serial No. : 171

Contents : 10 mCi (370 MBq) of 226Ra/Be, June 1968

I would be most grateful on any further information about the devices you

may have or who I may contact in seeking the information.  Of particular

interest would be the activity of Am-241/Be in the PW23 Depth Probe and

details about the source manufacture and shielding materials for both

devices (source encapsulation, chemical form, any special form certificates

issued etc).  One retired staff member recalls that mercury may have been

used as the shielding material used in the Surface Probe.  We have no plans

of opening it up but would like to confirm the mercury part.  I have digital

photographs of the devices that can be sent to anyone interested.

Anyone able have any further info ?


Leif Dahlskog 

Radiation Health Section 

Health Department of Western Australia 

ph  (+61 8) 9346 2260 

fax (+61 8) 9381 1423 


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